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The hospital is the facility for examination and treatment for patients, where there are many subjects as well as the most modern medical equipments. With the changing living environment, human health also gradually changed. Every day, there are so many people coming in and out of the hospital. Normal staircases can't meet the requirements for such a large number of patients and their transit. Managers will seek to install many elevators in the hospital to serve the needs of movement of doctors as well as patients.

I. Machine Room.

  1. 1.Construction of the machine room in accordance with shop drawing provided by Thien Nam. The walls and the ceiling shall be finished with waterproof plaster. Door equipped with a lock.
  2. Cutting openings to lift the equipment and roping. Wiring from machine room to hoistway. Provision hoisting hook.
  3. Corridor, stairway, ladder to the machine room should be unobstructed. Stairs should be equipped with handrails and 700mm minimum in width.
  4. 4.Ventilation: installing ventilation grilles, ventilation fans. The temperature of the machine room shall be below 40°C. The relative humidity should not exceed 90% monthly average and 95% daily average.
  5. Lighting: setting natural lighting windows, fluorescent lamp and switch.
  6. The machine room power - 01 Power supply panel: The power should be three-phases (380V - 50Hz) four-line and grounding. Power supply voltage variation does not exceed ±5%.


II. Hoistway & Landing Doors.

  1. Construction of an illuminated, ventilated, and water-proofed elevator hoistway, in accordance with shop drawing provided by Thien Nam. The tolerance of perpendicular line over the whole hoistway height must not exceed +25mm.
  2. Provision a ladder to the elevator pit.  
  3. Cutting openings for installing landing doors, hall buttons and indicators. Finish after installation.
  4. Provision separated beams if two or more connected elevators in one hoistway & safety separated fence between the pits.
  5. Water pipes, electrical wires…etc, must not be assembled inside hoistway.       
  6. Provision intermediate beams if floor height is over 2600mm.


III. Special Remarks.

  1. Provision all electric power for lighting, tools, welding...etc during installation and test operation.
  2. Provision a secured area for storage of elevator equipment and material during installation.


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