Thien Nam Company invests fully and free of charge for the infrastructure and telecommunication system for the building including: mobile broadband amplifier (IBC), data-voice system - Internet, CATV cable system . They all use fiber optic cable to ensure the signal and quality of service.
The customer in the building can choose the service provider, avoid the monopoly phenomenon. Multiplying will also increase competition and residents will be able to enjoy the same policies, promotions and rates as they do with the outside world.
The company is in charge of all maintenance, repairs and rescue when there are any incidents involving the invested system. All systems are compliant and compliant with the standards of network operators, service providers, governmental standards and are ready to be upgraded as needed.
The company is committed to serving the needs of every customer in the building, helping the owner to manage and troubleshoot the problem due to the diversity of the user's needs.


1/8C Hoang Viet Street, Ward 4 , Tan Binh Dist - HCMC

Tel: (84.028) 5449 0210 ~ 15 - Fax: (84.028) 5449 0208 ~ 09

Email: info@tne.vn


Hotline for sale: 1900 6961 (from 6am - 10pm)

Hotline for maintenance: 1900 2034 (operate 24/24)

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