DAIKO, a Japanese technology company (www.daiko-s.co.jp), is the longtime partner of Thien Nam (TNE), has just registered to establish DAIKO - TNE joint venture. DAIKO - TNE Joint Venture Company will have the main function of selling DAIKO-standard production products, partly processed by TNE. The initial plan was to supply and install elevator for loading and unloading cargo for Japanese companies or companies with requirements in Vietnam and ASEAN markets. The large load lifts have special requirements, and similarly for passenger elevators, especially the strength of DAIKO in the Japanese market. DAIKO - TNE Joint Venture also plans to offer car parking lots for Vietnam market, the product line is very diversified in type, which can meet the lack of car parking in the urban area, In the apartment buildings in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Nha Trang ... Products with the main equipment are made in Japan and processed in TNE so the price is more acceptable than the same product imported from Japan.




Another future oriented product for the Vietnamese market solves a pressing problem: the environment. DAIKO technology company provides incinerators, micro-degradation micro-garbage, suitable for districts, large breeding facilities. - Non-smokeless, non-smokeless incinerator used to burn garbage with capacity from 200kg / day to 2,000kg / shift. - Biodegradable decomposition furnace with capacity from 500kg / day to 100 ton / day, operating 24h / day. Garbage after treatment will make fertilizer plant.

This product is made in Japan.

See more at https://youtu.be/9h3_h0dzm60


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